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robin hood

(source: Sailing Anarchy)

Scribbler, sailmaker, boat designer, and waterman Ted Hood passed back in June.  Come down to Newport next week to celebrate the life of one of the real legends. From the family:

“In honor of Frederick E. “Ted” Hood  (May 5, 1927 – June 29, 2013)  the Hood family cordially invites all he has touched to a Celebration of His Life to be held at the New York Yacht Club, Harbour Court, Newport, RI  Friday, September 20, 2013 at 11:00 am.

“Parking may be limited, with overflow available on Wellington Ave., and further at the Underwood School, located just past the yacht club.  There will be people on hand to help assist in parking.  Carpooling where possible and arriving early is suggested.

“The family welcomes and greatly looks forward to seeing all that have touched his life and family.”

Tylaska T-40 Tow Bridle

One of our customers came in to the Newport Rig Shop recenlty to work with Noel on a tow bridle for his 28′ Chris Craft launch. After working it all out with the customer, they came up with a really nice desgin.

A Tylaska T-40 with loop is attached to the 5/8″ Amsteel Blue tow leg. This removes the metal to metal by using a synthetic loop that won’t damange the Chris Craft’s bow eye. The two leg is then attached to two 1″ double braid nylon stern legs. All splices are covered with a strong nylon chafe sleave to prevent any kind of damage. Noel even went as to add a bungie shock absorbing system right into the tow line. This will take out any slack in the line as the two boats might get a little closer thus less ‘Shock’ exerted on the Chris Craft when it becomes taught again.

Alameda: Second Annual Laserpalooza

Ryan from the Alameda Rig shop was at it again with their Second Annual Laserpalooza. This past Sunday from 11-3pm the Rigging team along with a solid number of vendors hosted workshops and provided demos throughout the day. Sailors could bring thier Lasers and talk to the pros about tips and ideas for thier boats. A free BBQ, raffle and many discounts to the store made this an amazing event.

Check out their promo video below.

The launch of the Orma 73

Last Friday Greg and Ryan of the Alameda Rig Shop got an invite from Ryan Breymeyer of Tritium Racing to come and check out the launch of the Orma 73 that they are putting together for the 2013 Transpac.

Upon arrival our guys immediately jumped into action helping lift and install the huge curved dagger boards. From there they helped splash the boat, wrench on a few bolts, grind some giant winches, load sails and step the giant wing mast.

Ryan and Greg wanted to thank Team Tritium and Ryan Breymeyer for the awesome once in a life time learning experience.

Check out the Teaser Video found on Sailing Scuttlebutt

Samson 1 5/8″ Super Strong Double Braid

Need the strongest dockline Samson makes? Check out their Super Strong Double Braid. These lines are a firm but flexible double braid of high-tenacity nylon fiber treated with Pro-Gard marine finish, which maximizes wet wear life and strength. With their wide range of diameters to choose from (1/4″ – 5″) its sure to meet any requiremet your going to need it for.

We got a chance to work with it while building part of a snubber system for a 193 motor yacht here in Newport RI. After working with the yachts captian, we thought the Super Strong by Samson would be the best choice. Heres a shot of it with a 3/4 line there for refrence.


And if your thinking of spicing one of these, be prepared to use a 34″ fid!

More than just marine rigging

Now and again our shops get to venture out of the marine industry and really show their architectural strengths. Mark over on the West Coast set up a client with stainless steel handrail cables to accent the their beautiful all teak home that sits on the east coast of Panama. The client ordered even more of this stunning work to run along the lower railing which will go from wall to wall. Check out the pictures below of his work using Hayn Grip lag studs and Lag Stud tubular turnbuckles.

Spring is in and we’re on the road

You know that spring is in full effect when you start seeing the West Marine Rigging fleet take to the marinas. The Alameda shop was out in full force with a brand new Selden Etchells mast, complete with custom running and standing rigging. After a sold set of tuning this boy was ready to race!




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